Friday, February 20, 2015

Indoor Cats In Cold Weather

     Rannie just curls up and gets through it.  Huck, well, it makes him cute:
     Sixteen pounds of muscular cuteness.  The camera angle makes them appear the same size.  Don't be fooled.  He outweighs her by at least 2.5X.


  1. Yes, Huck defines 'muscular cuteness'. Our little Kili was only 4 pounds when we rescued her from the shelter display at a local pet shop. She looked at Miss D. with a piteous look that said, 'Take me away from all these damn kittens! We did, and it took her precisely a month to double her weight. She'd clearly decided to make up for lost time.

    She'll never be big, but at 9½ pounds she's a respectable cat size - and she looooooves her Weruva cat food . . .

  2. Cats are temp neutral at about 97F.

    Yea, they like curling up on laptops and routers.

  3. My feline has his favorite vent he curls up against. He can eat a can and a half of food per meal and he still looks like I starve him.

  4. The Indianapolis Miniature Tiger in his winter range

  5. The Indianapolis Miniature Tiger in his winter range


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