Saturday, September 24, 2022

Adding A Table

      Recently, restaurants in our neighborhood (and across the city) have been scaling back the outdoor-dining areas they added during the pandemic.  While pre-existing outdoor areas got nice improvements (and it appears those will remain), some of the expansion areas involved renting extra space or other compromises.

      The owners were selling off picnic tables with umbrellas from a kind of beer garden two establishments set up in the parking lot of the HVAC-service company next door to them.  Tam looked into it and the prices were more than attractive -- and (possibly with the end of the month looming) they offered to deliver!
      So it's ours now.  A lot slicker than the TV tray I have been setting up next to the grill (itself under the cover at left) for extra work space -- and much nicer for spending time outside this Fall.  The tangled mass of greenery looming behind it is the tomato, peppers and sage patch, which have we let grow pretty wild.

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