Wednesday, September 28, 2022

And The [Bleep] Goes On

      After a day of steady improvement and greatly reduced pain, I woke up this morning with my back once again aching.  I'm trying to tell myself it's not as bad as yesterday morning.  It's far worse than it was yesterday night, even overnight.

      A long walk yesterday evening seemed to be helpful and more of the same is in my plans for today.

      If this continues, medical help may be needed.  Not at all pleased about that.

     Tamara informs me I am absolutely and completely not to refer to Hurricane Ian as "The judgement of the Fates" on Florida or its Governor, and it's a certainty that the awful storm will affect everyone in its path from the most wealthy to people sleeping in alleys, hitting the Disney complex as hard as the rest of Orlando, paying no heed to how anyone voted and generally behaving with the same grim impartiality as any other natural disaster.

      Much has been made of Governor DeSantis and President Biden not having a chat ahead of the storm -- this seems to be the Done Thing -- but the fact is that Mr. DeSantis applied to FEMA to have a Federal emergency declaration back on 23 September and the agency had it signed by Mr. Biden the next day.  When it comes to this kind and scale of a problem, they're all on the same page, chummy telephone call or not.  (Update: Some sources say the two men did speak late Tuesday, very focused on the storm and responding to it.  Credit to both of them for being able to deal sensibly with one another on an urgent matter.)  So it would behoove me to go along as well; like Samuel Clemens, I have trouble seriously believing even the classical Fates could be so malign as to condemn the innocent, or that any degree of adding to the damage would ever balance the scales.


  1. Had the sciatic nerve in the left leg get pinched in February. I was wimpering on the ground for several minutes, then got a little better. Then it got worse, to where no position was comfortable and I couldn't sleep. Ended up with tramadol and muscle relaxers for a bit, along with six weeks of PT. I can hike and climb again, but that leg still doesn't feel 100-percent, and if I don't keep up with the stretching prescribed by the therapist, the pain and numbness start creeping back.

  2. Try repositioning your pillows (and yourself if you're ambitious) so all your back is supported evenly--I've learned how I sleep dictates how my back feels the next day. That may be why your back felt worse in the morning. As a general thing going forward, don't let your back lean at any angle besides 90 degrees for more than a few minutes at a time. Otherwise the current back strain will recur. (Another thing my back taught me the hard way).
    Jeffrey Smith

  3. I don't know how you feel about them, but a chiropractor has helped my lower back more than once. Oddly a massage often helps as well. Hope you get better.

  4. PT for sciatic pain was responsible for my finally learning what my "core" was - that they kept telling me I needed to strengthen. Sorry that you are going through all of that.

    As tempting as it may be to think that karma is involved with Ian, Tamara is right, of course. We must listen to our better angels when they speak.


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