Saturday, January 14, 2023

"Of Course You Know, This Means War."

      World War Two was an all-out war -- even Merrie Melodies cartoons went to war.  You can watch a fine example free for nothing, thanks to Wikipedia: The Fifth-Column Mouse.  Just click on the thumbnail at the link and it will pop up.

      Do we have Fifth Columnists these days?  Coullllld be....  The present European conflict is mostly a proxy war for us, and we just might have a few proxy appeasers, too.  Make your own list. 


  1. Thanks Roberta! Had not seen that one.

  2. You showed great restraint, Roberta. Kudos.

  3. I consider the entire Democrat party to be fifth columnists aiming to destroy our republic.

  4. Bruce: then you'd better go read a different blog, because they aren't. I don't agree with a lot of Democrat politicians, but as a group -- and certainly at the Federal level -- they have shown far greater willingness to abide by the Constitution than many of their Republican counterparts.

    In our nation's history, we have had multiple political parties. Only one of them has ever attempted a coup against the Federal government. It wasn't the Democrats. It wasn't Whigs, or Federalists or even Know-Nothings. It was Republicans. Most of the party's office-holders and officials have shown no remorse over this.


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