Saturday, October 25, 2014

Still Getting Better

     Still dizzy sometimes, too.  And I have been sleeping a lot.

     But I'm on the mend, not talking nonsense (seriously, that was unnerving.  It just snuck up and I was having to concentrate to keep from tripping over my tongue in a discussion filled with acronyms), and I was, for a wonder, hungry.

     Here's a tip: you can make fairly crummy corned beef hash palatable if you fry it up with with a half-pound of hot Italian sausage and half of a red onion, diced.  Yeah, not bad; but I would have probably been better off leaving out the hash and frying the sausage some with diced potato.  Ah, well, live and learn.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sleeping It Off

     I'm still dizzy but the initial Z-pack dose and a bit over -- h'mm, carry the two, divide by three, aha -- fourteen hours in bed, most of them asleep, has made a big improvement.  I think I might be able to see normal health from here.

     Nevertheless, I have fed the cats, emptied, reloaded and started the dishwasher and made and eaten A Hearty Breakfast,* and now I've got just about enough energy left to be going back to bed.
* A couple slices of bacon and a stack of four (4) pieces of fancy French Toast with butter and coarse sugar, cranberry juice before and coffee during.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Day Losted

     I have been to the floor (gently), thence totteringly to the doctor, the drugstore, the grocer's, the kitchen (reheated gumbo with a little of this and that, cooking as if I was cooking at sea) and I am gonna climb back under the robots as soon as I have dined--

     What?  A question?  The robots?

     I, for one, find our new automaton overlords warm and comfy!

     The downside is, I have an inner-ear and sinus infection raging.  I was clumsy the last couple of days and yesterday, found myself variously dizzy and, on occasion, making far less sense than usual.  (And isn't that nice, frantically trying to replay your last few words while thinking, "I just said what?")  This morning, I stood up to head for the shower and found myself heading for my knees instead.  I figured if I wasn't doing any better by the time I was clean, I'd be headed to doc-innna-box.  The trip was locked in when I soaped up my hair with my eyes shut and found myself bouncing off the walls -- luckily not the fourth one, what with it being a curtain and all.

     Uncle Doc, he shook the old feathered rattle and plied the old otoscope and opined what he was seeing in my sinister ear was was more cloudy than should ever be seen, and I should hie forthwith in search of the fabled and mystical Z-Pack, to which end he granted me a Sigil under the name of the Great Rx.  Such a similarity to my own monicker could only be a Sign and thus with both Sign and Sigil I applied for and was -- eventually, hot damn they were slow at The Floorblues or whatever that sink of iniquity is called -- granted one such Pack, of which I have partook and shall continue to partake of for lo, the next four days.

     And now, gumbo warming me, I'm for under the quilt.  Tomorrow will, I hope, be better.

Now You Wait Just One Ding-Danged Minute...

     Sam Clemens and  those fellows were what?

     (From the Wikipedia article on Samuel Langhorne Clemens, an original work by "Will Murray (Willscrlt)"  This version is, of course, a work of satire, not to be confused with Murray's original.)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Uh-Oh: H. L. Mencken is dead, Samuel Clemens Is Dead, Tam Is Sick And Me, I Ain't Exactly 100% Either

     I don't know what she's got but it arrived after days of a dry cough and had turned into a nastily-sore throat by last night.  Trying to play nursemaid this morning, I offered oatmeal ("Um, no.") and the bacon and runny-yolked eggs I made instead, having mistaken a lack of interest in breakfast at all for a lack of interest in cooked rolled oats, was greeted with a skeptical eye.  (In a spirit of helpfulness, I voluntarily reduced the amount of bacon she would have to eat -- I'm a public benefactrix, I am.)

     She's back on the living-room couch, suffering quietly, and I'll be needing to empty the dishwasher before I hit the shower, and thus, my friends, thus I must depart post-hastily. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Breakfast: The Full Bobbi

          What with starting the week on a couple of early-morning shifts and very little sleep, I decided to reward myself this morning: A half-thickness filet mignon, a fried egg, fried potatoes, fresh tomato and a little bit of bacon.  Yum!

     Tam appears to be enjoying hers, if the sounds coming from that side of the room are any indication.

     No time for a photo, but you should be able to imagine it.  Tomorrow morning, breakfast will probably be penitential oatmeal. That's fine, I like oatmeal, too.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

So, I Went To The Gun Show

     ...On the day after pay day.  Possibly unwise, if frugality was my goal...
     However, if owning a nice H&R .22 pseudo-Buntline and a psuedo-Webley (a/k/a Enfield No. 2 Mk 1, no star) was what I was after, well!

     Here's a close-up of my .380/200 slugthrower:
     Classy!  Yes, the date is 1933, very much in the range of revolvers I like to own.  The top of the barrel is marked ".38," along with "1933" and the Broad Arrow. It's clearly been civilianized ("civilianised?") and the years and/or owners have not been kind.  Nevertheless, it's something I have been wanting for a long, long time. (The .38 S&W in the first photo ammunition can safely be shot in guns chambered for .380/200; it's not the exact right thing but it works.)

     The H&R is interesting, with its preposterously-long barrel, loading gate and spring-loaded ejector.  It's a double-action revolver using the same "pull-pin" removable cylinder design of many of their .22s.  I'm hoping it will be fun to shoot.

     Seen at the show, several Nambu semi-auto handguns and Japanese revolvers from the same WW II-ish era (both interesting and sad, since the reason those are showing up on the market is estate sales).  One dealer/collector had a Rast-Gasser and a couple of the Japanese revolvers; side-by-side, the hinged sideplate and internal works of the two were substantially the same. The Japanese revolver design was much improved by a top-break. automatic-ejecting mechanism, rather than the Rast-Gasser loading gate and manual ejection.  (This participial particular Rast-Gasser was in remarkable shape; the dealer opened it up and the steel still showed straw color, all the parts as crisp-edged and shiny as if they were new.)

     I had my pocketknife sharpened at the show -- I usually do, since I use it contstantly.  It's gotten so the folks at Knife Sharpest remember me.  Also picked up a nice-looking set of side cutters, some brass brushes, a couple of wood bits in need of sharpening, pin-punches, file handles and a key/small-items case in the form of a softly quilted hand grenade, possibly one of the silliest but most irresistible bits of kit I've seen in a long while.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


     I would not mind the office so much if the office-holders, like some blood-soaked versions of dollar-a-year men, took it with the understanding that it would end with internal exile followed by a firing squad.  But no.

Friday, October 17, 2014

It's "Grassy Knoll" Time!

     Tam just reported from her post in front of the TV, "...A third nurse who dealt with the Texas ebola patient has reported feeling ooky and quarantined herself...while on a cruise ship."

     Did they just tell those healthcare workers to get out there in the world and enjoy themselves as closely to as many other people as they could get?

     It is precisely preposterously coincidental bad news like this, the kind of thing that might be hilarious in a dark comedy but is tragic and deadly in real life, that fuels conspiracy theories.


Thursday, October 16, 2014


     Got home from work a couple of nights ago and turned to look back to my car before closing the garage door to see a fat golden-tan and dark brown cat making to dash away, its back to me.  Not one of the usual visitors, who tend to be gray and black with patches of white, so being a crazy-cat-lady-in-training, of course I sang out, "Well, hi there!"

     At which point the "cat" turned and gave me a sheepish look, as if to say, "Um...yeah, lady, about that 'cat' thing?  I'm workin' on it."  It was not a cat but a smallish raccoon.  It promptly skittered away on tiptoes and fingtertips, headed towards our neighbor's back yard. presumably to raid the cat food there.

     It's probably not the same one I met back when I was first moving in, but it's got similar manners.  Raccoons are clever, nimble and plenty strong.  They thrive in the city and are almost impossible to get rid of, so we're lucky to have a fairly well-behaved tribe in the neighborhood instead of aggressive ones.

I Think Skynet Ate One Of My Friends

     Had some normal e-mail back-and-forth, very low traffic rate, then it suddenly went spammy.  Most of his other online output went spammy, too.  The sole remaining place where he shows up, his posting has gone...odd.  Nothing but roughly-profile-appropriate links.  Can't get a response via any e-mail or online messaging address for him.

     I really dislike calling people up on the telephone.  Given my extraordinary ineptness at (and hard-learned desire to avoid) most close human interaction, if I do dig, I'll probably find out it's my fault.  Or he's found himself a new and better class of friend (in which case, see previous sentence and good for him).

     But the manner of it is...unsettling.

     Well, at least it's not The Ebola, right?