Saturday, February 06, 2016

We Aten't Ded

     Tam has a really awful cold and I'm playing nursemaid while trying not to catch it.  Just fed her chicken soup, rye toast and a blood orange.  (Plus a strip of bacon and an olive, as a treat.)

     Looks like she's gonna make it.

     Edited-To-Add, much later: I'm probably coming down with it, too.  Well, that was inevitable.


Raz Raxxaffian said...

Get Well Tam!

And good on you Bobbi for being such a good nurse and friend.


rickn8or said...

What Raz said.

waepnedmann said...


Brigid said...

Get well!~ I made Thai Tom Kha Gai soup with chicken stock and coconut milk, jalapeno, shallot, mushrooms basil and lime juice. The perfect food when you're sort of "blah".

Carteach said...

The (nominally) adults in this household are also afflicted. Nasty nasty head stuff.... if only there was a market for what is flowing from our noggins.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I got over the worst of what I had last Monday, and still felt like cr*p all week. I hope you two have better recovery.

Guffaw in AZ said...

Best wishes for better health to you both!


Roberta X said...

Fuzzy, I already felt like cr*p all last week. Maybe I have the reverse version?

Raz Raxxaffian said...

I caught this crap early in the season, around the first of September. While the primary issues settled up in a week, the aftermath, in the form of bronchitis and hacking cough, held on until after Christmas.

Hopefully for you, it won't be so bad, as I have the impediment of age and asthma these days.

On a final note, I have observed that coercing my doc into giving me annual pneumonia vaccine has virtually eliminated my tendency toward frequent colds. Seldom get them now.
Perhaps your doc(s) might be as cooperative as mine.

Get better, both you guys!