Tuesday, February 25, 2020

At Least There's A Bagel Later

     Well, that was fun.  There wasn't a line at the phlebotomist's office/lab cubby and I was in the chair looking away from being stuck (I flinch if I watch) about as soon as I had my coat and zip-up sweatshirt off.

     She took three vials of blood and had me verify my name and birthdate was on each one once they were all full, having already had me hold a folded square of gauze over the puncture.  She put the vials in the outgoing stack, stuck a Band-Aid over the gauze, and that was that.

     There's a decent bagel joint wedged into one corner of the parking lot for the strip mall housing the doctorplex I go to.   It's a short stroll, despite a mean little wall that prevents walking directly from the big parking lot to the smaller one around the bagel shop.  What's fifty feet of sidewalk when a nice toasted, buttered poppyseed bagel is on the line?

     The lack of breakfast and coffee was gnawing at me pretty good by the time I sat down with coffee, bagel and a nice collection of the vitamins, supplements and analgesics I'd skipped earlier.  I was even missing the cranberry juice a little, but there's usually a bottle in the vend-o-bots at work, or at least "cran-grape."

     Few things taste better than a freshly toasted bagel on an empty stomach, especially with a decent cup of coffee. I darned near called in "human" and took the rest of the day off, but duty won out.

     P. S.: There wasn't any cranberry-grape juice in the machine at work.  Two dozen rows of sugary (or artifical-sweetenery) pop, one row of ghastly energy drinks that added extra caffeine, taurine and probably Ovaltine, betadyne or thiotimoline somewhere in the fine print, half a row of iced tea and no juice at all.


Anonymous said...

Should have know the thiotimoline was dissolved...

John in Philly said...

I've got a bunch of multi gallon blood donor pins in my "I love me" box, and I have never, ever, watched the stick.

The goes way back to childhood when my sister and I had to have some blood testing to see if we'd inherited a clotting problem from our Dad.

The procedure was fascinating, I watched the needle go into my arm, watched the draw, and watched the nurse (with cap) prick my finger and then time the clotting with a mechanical stopwatch.
Then I woke up staring at the ceiling in the doctor's office.
(we did not inherit the clotting problem)

Cincinnatus said...

Bagels go well with spiders, especially sesame ones. Bagels, that is, I've never seen a sesame seed spider.