Wednesday, February 12, 2020

We Missed The Stump Grinder

     He stopped by while Tam was at lunch yesterday.  Much later, I received a faintly aggrieved voicemail from the tree service: their guy had stopped by and all the gates were locked!

     Yes, they most certainly were.  They still are.  That's why we have fences and gates, to keep people out.  It's for their protection.  I left the tree company voicemail back, suggesting that calling first or at least knocking on the front door would improve the odds of getting access.  This wasn't a problem for the tree removal: they named a day well in advance, and knocked at the front door when they arrived.  The next day they worked, they called the afternoon before.  I didn't expect the stump grinding work to go any differently.

     It wasn't until much later that it came to me that one of the tree stumps is outside the fence.  It was dark when I got home and it's dark now, but I don't expect I'll see a neat pile of sawdust where it used to be.


Ken said...

Customer relationship management: The dream marches on.

Bruce said...

I remember being the weird one in the parking lot at work because i cleared snow off my headlights and taillights.

Zendo Deb said...

While I will occasionally pay for tree removal, if the tree in question is close to something like the house or powerlines, I won't pay for stump grinding.

What they want for one stump is about what it costs to rent the big, completely self-mobile grinder at Lowes/Home Depot/wherever for a day. I do have a vehicle/trailer that can get it home, so that probably makes a difference.

The small stump grinders are impossible. The big stump grinders literally do ALL of the work.