Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Sun Is Shining

     It's a pretty day out there, a nice blue sky with a few clouds.  It was a pretty day yesterday, too.  It's going to get plenty warm this afternoon, but right now, the air is like wine.

     It's too nice a day to come up with another essay on things that used to be covered in Civics classes but are now, it seems, slipping from public awareness.  Today I'm just going to let them slide; there's a whole Internet out there, filled with well-researched history, solid information about the nature, function and basic law of government in the United States and many other countries, and a wide range of news and current affairs, from tabloid nonsense to sober, factual reporting, opinions all across the entire range of political and social thinking -- and endless supply of shiny, empty distraction.  It's your choice what you reach for, but hey, maybe try some fresh vegetables and fruit instead of candy and potato chips, just for one day?

     Spend some time outdoors today.  Read a news source (real news, not opinion) you don't usually read.  Dig into some oddball corner of history.  Examine a strange plant in your back yard and look it up online.

     Exercise your body and mind.

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RandyGC said...

I repositioned my 10-40 sloper antenna now that we've removed some inconvenient "weed trees" from the back yard. Now waiting for my IC-706MKIIG to come back from the repair shop to see if the new location affects my ability to contact stations in St. Louis and the DC areas on 40m.

That an clearing out the trees from the fence line (and keeping them from getting into the power lines) has about filled my quota for strenuous outdoor activity for a while.