Friday, October 19, 2012

Internet Warning: National Scare The Credulous Day

O.M.G.!!!eleven!!!!  Email all your friends!  Alert the Facebook!    Start a web page, a fundraiser and Twitter to the whole world: they've designated Halloween as National Kill A Pit Bull Night!

     ...Er, well, that is, one guy did, probably trying to prank a Slater, Missouri city councilman, who proposed an anti-Pit Bull ordinance there, one that later morphed into a broader dangerous-dog rule.  Some dewey-eyed innocent got hold of the nasty stunt and must have had a lot of free time...

     It's not true.  On the other hand, Halloween is a good night to keep an eye on your pets, as there are a lot of strangers out walking around and even without the occasional young hooligan making trouble, Fido and Fluffy may be upset.

     Sheesh, Spanky and Our Gang never had to put up with this!

     (I'm not a dog person but even I know the domestic dog was bred to have very few hardwired wolf-like behaviors; "inherently bad" dog breeds died out and the vast majority of dogs -- pit bulls included -- can be good pets if properly socialized.  On the other hand, if you raise any of the poor beasts to be vicious, they will be -- so don't.)


Anonymous said...

Roberta X - [I]f you raise any of the poor beasts to be vicious, they will be -- so don't.

Hear her! Hear her!

I've heard a few guys in my day boasting about how tough and vicious their dogs are. Quite aside from wondering if they are really so insecure in their manhoods that they have to compensate with a vicious dog, I question their sanity: do they WANT to be responsible for their dog mauling some innocent kid or mail man?

Sadly, I think that the idea appeals to them...

Our larger dog is a big, dumb, happy mutt who behaves as if everybody in the world is her best friend, about as far from "vicious" as one could imagine. Yet, I make no doubt that she would dismember any goon who got into the house and attacked my wife; one typically doesn't have to teach a dog to protect its master.

Dave H said...

docjim505: Maybe they don't think about the actual mauling, but I'm sure there are people who like the idea that their dog could do it.

John B said...

I am a two-dog man. Both of them are sweethearts. Every Pit Bull I ever met has been a total love muffin. They'd crawl up on the couch, and snuggle with you!