Monday, October 01, 2012

Tribute Band? Tribulation Band?

Whatever; I just wanna see it happen: The Fifth Dementia, doing heavy-metal covers of 5th Dimension hits.  C'mon, now that it's been brought up (so to say), you wanna hear the throat-straining, howlin' git-tar version of "Wedding Bell Blues,"[1] too.  Admit it.  Oh, yeah, that'll be One Less Bell To Answer!  Up, Up And Away![2]

     ...Oh, dear, here come the fans and critics now, with an insultingly thick rope....
1. The wedding bell thing, it seems to have rung convincingly -- 43 years for Marilyn McCoo and Bill Davis, Jr. and still counting.  Remember that the next time you read some tawdry news from the world of entertainment; not everyone in showbiz has wall-to-wall sleaze.

2. I did not realize how many songs from that particular era and genre were written by Laura Nyro, who never even saw the far side of 50. Check out her take on Wedding Bell Blues.


CGHill said...

I adore Laura Nyro; she was soulful on the Aretha scale, despite being a frail Jewish girl from the Bronx. (And she got into the Rock Hall this year, only a decade or so later than she should have been.)

Roberta X said...

I knew the name but had only vaguely remembered the voice, as a performer the DJs looked forward to playing back in my short career as an MOR/beautiful music DJ. So I was stunned when I started wandering through her music on YouTube. Wonderful work!

Her gift for innovative, striking lyrics got my attention decades before I knew who she was -- "...chorus of carousels," or just about any random line from Stony End, OMG.

Brian J. said...

A note to those who would search for the 5th Dementia: The band name is already taken by a southern California cover band that does not do heavy metal versions of classic hits. They just do the classic hits.