Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Message?

     "Triple Flower is down.  I say again, Triple Flower is down!"

     So, I went out the back door and the third bud on the big Asian lily had bloomed -- but the pot had fallen over again.  That's it, time to repot.  Photo to follow; I stood it back up and it needs some quiet time.

     Update: "Triple Flower is in her new home.  Triple Flower is in her new home."
      I hope she likes it.  The other lily that traveled with this one hasn't bloomed.  There was no drain in its pot and the poor thing was almost drowning!  So that one got new digs too, this time with proper plumbing.

     I also snuck a couple more perennials in next to the front steps, where the stonecrop and yarrow hangs out.  We'll see if they all get along.  I'd like to add more feathery, exotic-looking yarrow to the back part of that area, but I haven't found any so far.  It's a little leftover spot, between the raised bed where the main herd of hostas live and the steps.  My plan is to fill it up with perennials, with tough, aggressive stonecrop in front to keep the riffraff out and taller stuff in back that can peer over it and catch some sun.  I'm not a very attentive gardener, so I try to set the plantings up so they will have a chance to fend for themselves.
     Another look at the big lily -- pretty good for an orphan that had to sleep in the basement all winter!


Old NFO said...

Pretty flowers and glad they made it!

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Glad you can grow stuff, Personally I've got a black thumb -- back in the day I couldn't even grow pot, and that's a frikkin' weed!

Roberta X said...

Not all of my plants make it -- I'm not all that great in keeping after them.

Anonymous said...

I resorted to wrapping a lead pipe collar around the base of the bulb on one of mine as everytime it's compost dried out it fell over.

Patrick (in the UK)