Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gosh, I Should Have Posted Something

     But I didn't -- it got all briefly exciting early this morning when Tam's range partner* showed up, reported there was a minivan driving around the block slowly that eventually parked and, "Three men got out, all wearing gray T-shirts and wandered down the block looking at houses.  Maybe they're casing them."

     So Tam went out the garage door and met her pal, and they circled the block again and went off to breakfast, from where I got a text, "The guys were contractors, trying to find their client; they did and they're setting up tools." 

     Look, sometimes it is monsters, and you don't wanna just put on blinkers and be oblivious; but usually it's not.   Hang back, observe and find out.  Which is what we all did.  (I did get chided for stepping out on the porch to look.  Hey, either they wuz Pure Evil and I was already dead; or they wanted the element of surprise and I spoiled it; or they were lost workmen and used to gettin' the hairy eyeball.)
* I was thinking about tagging along last night.  Picked up a "blue gun" inert trainer and took up a nice Weaver stance -- ouch!  Nope, won't be doing that until the rotator cuff thing is sorted.


Anonymous said...

Cortisone is OK, but to really beat the shoulder thing - unless you need the surgery - will take physical therapy. Don't know what it is about shoulders, but they don't "get better on their own." You have to do specific exercises.

Luck on all that. I am finally able to pick up lumber and run it through the table saw, or the joiner. Can't think about 4 X 8 sheets yet.

Carteach said...

I have a habit of grabbing the long lens camera and snapping pics of anything suspicious. I let them see me doing it too. Usually they leave, and I never see them again. One didn't, and turned out to be a great new neighbor.

Blackwing1 said...

Bunch of years ago our new neighbor moved in; single mom with two kids. We met and said "Hi", welcomed her to the neighborhood.

Several days later I saw a banged-up semi-junker car park in front of her house, and two guys get out. They tried the front door which was apparently locked, and then went around back. I made a note of the make/model/license, and kept watching. They came out the front door with a TV and loaded it into the car, then went back inside. I called 9-1-1 for the cops, and went back out watching.

About 15 minutes later two squad cars pulled up in front, one in front of and the other behind the parked car (there was also another one on the alley side that I didn't see). The cops had a conversation with one of the guys for a while, and one of the two squads departed.

They waited, apparently detaining the guys, until my neighbor got home from work, and then suddenly just left, leaving the two guys and my neighbor talking.

Turns out it was my new neighbor's ex-husband, picking up the TV to have it fixed. Not even the cops believed their story, and waited for the homeowner to show up to confirm it. I tried to apologize for having called the cops, but they both thanked me for having seen something very suspicious, and having done something about it. I still feel a little silly, but in retrospect, even with 20/20 hindsight, I'd still have done the same thing.