Thursday, August 13, 2015

Subject Matter Expert

     The TV in my bedroom wakes itself up every morning at 0600 and hauls me along, often by main force.  This morning, I snuck out early and was in the throes of committing an Act of Breakfast* when the thing lit up.  Words came wafting down the hallway, some witty repartee between the boy anchor and goofy weatherman:

     Anchorman: "...will today be as nice as it looks?"
     I could almost hear Mr. Weather's bowtie spinning as he chortled: "Oh, it's going to be a great day to be off!"

     Well, I suppose he'd know. He's been just a wee bit off for years.
* A four-egg omelette filled with bacon, fried mushrooms, a dab of fried cabbage/carrot/broccoli/cranberry slaw (surprisingly good!), sliced cherry tomatoes, black and green olives with a touch of picked sweet red pepper and a bit of mozzarella cheese.  Slightly more work, but I was up early and there were things in the fridge crying out to be cooked.

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