Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eagle Creek Park Pistol Range Update

     I called the Mayor's Action  Center, and was read a press release claiming "a 70% drop in attendance..."  I find this doubtful.  The period cited includes the time it was closed and then re-opened with a new operator, which puts a real bobble in the stats.

    Also, dammit, I have a couple of ten-visit passes with only a few punches out.

     I left a complaint, pointing out it was the most affordable range in town and the only public outdoor range in the county (I think in the surrounding ones, as well); all the others are members-only clubs.  Does the city think only wealthy people should receive safety training and adequate practice?

     For now, they have slammed the door and are claiming it's financial.  Mind you, they didn't solicit new bids to find a cheaper operator -- and the current operator was not under the impression negotiations were ended.  There's a year left in their current contract, so who knows.

     It's worth a call.  (317) 327-4622. Ask about Eagle Creek Park Pistol Range and express your hope it will re-open to the public soon.


Ken O said...

I suspect hoplophobia and catering to demanding, dishonest, shrieking harpies with children, might have something to do with it.

Then again, you have the utterly despised Troy Riggs, who left the city manager job in Corpus Christi, to be the I Must Patrol Drunk chief.

I hope you get your range back; politicos are doing all they can to shut them down.

Old NFO said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear that! Hope y'all prevail!!!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Bobbi -- In one of the FB comment sections, TFT advised to call the office regarding a refund. I can't find that comment now, durn it.

rickn8or said...

As I commented on the BookFace about shutting down ranges "It's on the official 'New Democrat Mayor in Town' checklist."

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