Friday, March 25, 2016

Good News, Odd News?

     Good news: slept through the night, feel much better.  Still coughing/stuffy nose/sore throat, but better.

     Odd news: When I chew crunchy toast, there's an internal echo I can feel.  Yeah, that's inner-ear awfuls.

     C'mon, Z-pack,* do your stuff!
* Azithromycin, baby, in the handy hard-to-open individual-pill blisterpack.


Raz Raxxaffian said...

Z-Pack is great stuff. Used it to help cure two cases of pneumonia that was untouched by traditional 'biotics.

I keep this stuff on hand for situations where I can't get to the doc.

Glad you're feeling better - keep up the good work, the Starship needs you.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

It's really usually takes several days (if not the entire script) for me to start feeling better, but the doc put me on doxycycline* twice daily for 10 days, and I came home, took one capsule, and by the next morning (yesterday) I felt MUCH better. And I feel better today, after a couple more doses, than I have for a couple of months. I'm still deathly tired, but at least I can breathe.

I must have had something really low-level going on (probably, from the evidence, a sinus infection) that was busting my chops.

Hopefully the Z-pack will start working for you soon.

*Hey, it even prevents malaria! What a country!

Anonymous said...

Remember back in the 70's, the same time when lava lamps were hip (for the first time), there was a fad product called gravity or inversion boots?

The had hooks on the ankles where you could hang upside down like a bat.


I always thought they would be really cool for head colds so all the *glop* could just drain out into a 5-gallon pail.

Should only have to dump the bucket once an hour or so...

Merle Morrison said...

If you're talking about the echo in your inner ear, I sympathize! Happens way too often with me.