Sunday, August 20, 2017

I'm Burned Out

     This country is rapidly approaching "peak stupid," and I'm sick of all the noise.


JayNola said...

I've heard this sentiment being expressed more and more lately. And not just in my head. I think this too will pass but admit it may be denial on my part. I'm afraid it will take a short, sharp shock to break us out of this but am more afraid that a short, sharp shock is coming. Hold fast Ms. Ecks, hold fast.

Rich in NC said...

Ms Ecks?
That sound familiar...
To counter all the burn, take your bike for a ride to where ever brings you to a place to eat dinner.
We, here, on the 'net will be here. Some of us are nutz, some of us are sane, some of us are insane, but we are all here.
If'n it's nice out make it a longer ride.

Stay out there as long as you can, and enjoy dinner (my dog just interrupted me to get a few snuggles in - one of the more important things in life). Savor each second.

Rich in NC

Eric Wilner said...

Peak stupid? I doubt it; stupidity is unbounded.
Every time I've seen the ultimate in stupidity (or, properly speaking, Lunacy), someone quickly says "hold my beer."
And I'm afraid the noise is going to get much, much worse before it gets better. If it gets better. Which, given history?
I think I'll just crawl back under the covers now. Or play with the cats; they're looking at the clock and pointing at the back door, reminding me of my responsibilities.

RandyGC said...

I'm starting to avoid the news on the weekend except for items that might impact my work (primarily weather or local events).

I do enjoy your retro-tech and related discussions, so there's always ways you can indulge your writing while taking a break from the stupidity. I hang around for the free ice cream, not another politi-blog. (although I do find your perspective on those issues interesting even if we don't totally agree on everything, in degree more than in kind).

Paul said...

I was at the iowa state fair yesterday. We are not at peak stupid yet, but you can see it on the horizon. Only thing left to determine is approach velocity.

Joseph said...

Every time I thought we had achieved peak stupid, I turned out to be wrong.

Roberta X said...

Joseph, I wish I did not think you were right.

Paul, there was a knife fight at our State Fair. Beat that for stupid! I suppose I should congratulate the combatants for obeying the "no guns at the State Fair" law and endangering only one another. My social anxiety kept me from attending; between Tam's schedule and mine, I would have had to go alone and I'm just not up to that. Big-box stores like Meijer or Target are pretty much my limit and I'm on the edge of panicking and running for the door the whole time.

Paul said...

Between tkd, made my black belt rank, and krav maga, started, I only saw a few that gave me much pause walking about the state fair.

I can't say enough good thinks about TKD. Good work out and it could reduce the anxiety some in areas you have to go less packing.

Knife fights would point to a break down for sure.

Stupid to me is the guy/gal with a bunch of studs and barely dressed with their nose on the phone screen. Did not see many of those so maybe not so bad out.