Monday, September 11, 2017


     I deliberately didn't post about it this morning.  A lot of good people -- heck, a lot of people who were, on average, average, and what's wrong with that? -- died as the result of a small group of violent bastards; more have died since, from the same root cause.  I mourn those people, most of whom died not as heroes but unsuspecting.  There were heroes, and plenty of them: first responders, the passengers who kept the hijackers on Flight 93 from completing their plans, and others.  It is right to remember all of the fallen.

     What's not right is to wallow in the end of an illusion, the illusion that nothing bad could happen in the continental U.S.; that's simply crazy, and anyone who remembers learning about 1812 and 1861-65 should darned well know better.  This country is a special place, but it's not charmed.  Our specialness is not inherent but an act of will, an ongoing effort to live up to the promise of the U.S. Constitution.

     And nobody can take it away by wrecking buildings and murdering people.


Old NFO said...

No they can't, but it doesn't mean they will stop trying... Never Forget!

Monty James said...

There's a problem if you allow people in who don't give a fig about the Constitution.

Roberta X said...

So, how's your telepathy, Monty?

Monty James said...

If my telepathy were any good, there'd be a little less heartbreak in my life to look back on.