Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Multicultural Square Eggs

     Because if pastrami and Swiss cheese on rye is good for lunch, why not sneak it into breakfast?  I was making a "gashouse" or "square" egg for breakfast, which is an egg fried in a hole punched in a lightly toasted slice of bread.

     Rye bread, as it happened, which reminded me that I still had sandwich makings in the fridge.  So when I flipped the egg-and-bread over and laid a slice of Swiss cheese on it, I already had a thin slice of pastrami cooking next to it (the pre-packaged stuff is too moist anyway!),  As soon as it was warm, the pastrami went on top, I set another slice of it warming, and flipped the whole stack over for a bit to make sure the cheese was melted.  Add the second slice of pastrami to serve and there you go -- adjust times and quantities as desired; I break the egg yolk and cook 'em firm but other people like runny yolks with this.

     It was delicious.


Carteach said...

Here, the base dish is called 'toad in a hole'.
Much enjoyed.

Countglockula said...

Out here in the sticks this is known as 'egg in a hole'.

pigpen51 said...

You made me long for the pastrami that we used to get from an old deli down the road. I think that an old Polish guy used to make it, and it was really special. And we also used to make the egg in a hole when I was a kid. My wife and I are headed to the east coast this weekend for a week long vacation. Hopefully, the threatened weather won't spoil the trip. It is a 25th anniversary trip, and we are hitting the coast all the way up to Vermont and Maine and back to Niagara falls, and back to Michigan.

We had almost done a cruise, so thankfully we chose this. The hurricane season has been a tragic thing for all those in it's path.