Monday, September 25, 2017

I Can't Complain, But...

     No, I really can't.  Houston (etc.) is a mess.  A lot of Florida is a mess.  The Keys are in sad shape and they're all way ahead of the U. S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and less well-known places in the Caribbean.  A lot of that part of the world looks like a war zone and with widespread power outages, telephone service out, damaged infrastructure and a lack of people and parts to fix them, it's far from over.

     Here in the Midwest, we've had--  Well, hardly anything.  Over a week of 90 or more degree highs and humidity to match, so bad you can break a sweat hanging laundry.*   And every time I feel like complaining, pictures of smashed house and sagging dams crowd it right out.  Hot?  Humid?  So what!

     Our weird weather is likely to sort itself out this week.  The damage from two powerful hurricanes in a row will take a long time to put right, in places that can scarcely afford to and can't possibly afford not to.
* So why would you?  I like to hang-dry quilts, blankets and sheets going into the Fall, trapping a little bit of the scent of warm outdoors for the Winter.


Blackwing1 said...

How's the new A/C unit keeping up with the cooling and de-humidifying task?

Rob K said...

This weather really isn't that unusual for Indiana at this time of year.

Roberta X said...

Blackwing 1: The new AC is, if anything, too good: I have to make sure the basement is dry enough and cool enough that condensation doesn't form on the longest duct.

Rob K: It's unusual enough that we were approaching or equaling the record highs for a few days last week.