Monday, November 06, 2017

Unfitting The Narrative

   --And yet impossible to ignore.  Sunday, a cowardly and evil man shot worshipers in a church in Texas; when he emerged from the building (and here's the money quote): 
A man who lives next door to the church grabbed his own rifle and engaged the suspect[...]. The gunman dropped his "Ruger AR assault-type rifle" and fled.
     Yeah.  This is the usual behavior for this kind of murderer: confronted with effective opposition, they flake out.

     I expect this story to drop out of sight quickly, or to be accompanied by a lot of pushing for "gun control;" but it was Texas state law forbidding firearms in churches that gave the killer a sanctuary full of unarmed victims, and* the Texan gun culture that meant an armed citizen was able to respond in an effective and timely manner.

     At least for now, the oldstream media has to sit up, swallow their bubblegum and report the facts: to stop a spree killer, you need a citizen with a gun.  And it doesn't make a bit of difference if that citizen has a spiffy uniform, a badge and the sanction of government or not.  I'm only sorry the killer wasn't stopped more quickly, by one of his intended victims.
* Not so!  This was true until 2015, when the law was changed; since then churches must post specific signage forbidding the carriage of firearms openly and/or concealed, or it is allowed.


Patrick said...

Actually, firearms in churches are allowed for CHL holders. I know my local congregation has quite a few every Sunday.

Basil said...

It is left to the individual church to decide:

Roberta X, remotely said...

My information was out of date; I had gathered it was prohibited unless specially allowed.

Raz Raxxaffian said...

Frowned on by many church-goers, but permission or otherwise, I never unpacked. I suspect that this attitude may change now. And as always, concealed means concealed.

Written from a small town it Texas...


D.W. Drang said...

Apparently, even many TX 2A supporters were unaware that the law had changed, and that congregations that wish to prohibit armed self-defense are now expected to put up "30.06" and/or "30.07" signs.

Also, as a little background, the shooter was acknowledged even by his friends as becoming unhinged when the subject of religion came up. And his in-laws were members of the congregation, so it's likely the motive lies there. Also, Bad Conduct Discharge+12 months confinement from the USAF for domestic violence likely made him a prohibited person.