Saturday, October 20, 2018

"And Will You Be Having A Virus With That...?"

     There's some kind of head cold making the rounds at work.  We've all been trying to be careful, lots of handwashing and disinfectant spray and all that.  But when I came home last night, I realized my throat was feeling a bit tender.

     Took an extra multivitamin and had a couple of cups of strong tea on the theory that it couldn't hurt.  Woke up this morning no worse than before, after a night of what I am assured is "not terribly bad snoring from the other end of the house."*

     So I guess we'll see.
* From time to time, it wakes me up.  And now I know what words without vowels sound like.


Carteach said...

Everyone around me is ill. 20% of my last class was sick, and several failed as a result. Carolyn and kids are plague ridden.

I'm drinking 100 proof, and refusing hugs......

Will Brown said...

Not to stray too far out of my lane, but getting a CPAP machine made a remarkable difference in the quality of my sleep and the general health of my throat.

It also got me an Afrin addiction, but hopefully you've managed to not lead with your nose as often as I have in life. :)

Anonymous said...

Drink plenty of wine or other booze.

Remember alcohol kills germs.

Germs are inside your body.

Get the alcohol to the germs!

Result is usually dead germs. If not, you won't care that you have a cold.

Win - win situiation