Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cold Weather

     The good thing about cold weather: the cats really like me.

    The bad thing about cold weather: the cats still don't get along all that well.  They can be pretty chummy if they both want to nap, but Huck is very playful and Rannie isn't interested.  Sometimes he pesters her out of what is probably boredom.  And sometimes it happens in the middle of the night.


Carteach said...

That's when my cats get flight lessons. It doesn't happen often. At this point, they ALL know what 'Go Lay Down' means.

Paul said...

middle of the night yowling is high on my list of no no's for sure. me or the cats, which we don't have any of anymore so it must just be me.

Blackwing1 said...

This is the 4th winter for us and our 5-year-old little half-Siamese guy. With his thin coat he's always hated winter, and resents us for sending him weather than includes nasty cold, wet, white stuff. But in these transition months to full-on winter he's more than happy to be picked up when outdoors to get snuggled up against a nice warm chest, or to sit on a nice warm lap instead of putting his paws on that cold cement sidewalk.

It's when winter hits in full stride that he becomes really obnoxious. The cure for that is to toss him outside, preferably into fresh snow covering the sidewalk, and then let him in a few seconds later when he realizes that being cooped up inside the house is still preferable to what's outside.