Sunday, October 14, 2018

Beef Stew

     Last night, tonight and probably for lunch next week:
     A pound of stew beef, a half-pound of steak tips, a hot Italian sausage squeezed out of the casing, carrots, celery, onion, orange bell pepper, a big potato, fresh mushrooms, crushed tomatoes, beef stock, pinto beans, parsley,  garlic, basil, marjoram and rosemary.  Salt and pepper to taste.


JayNola said...

I don't use sausage for flavoring in dishes enough. It's such a smart and easy way to put a lot of flavor into something.

Anonymous said...

The recipe sounds great - just the thing to eat when you begin getting cold fronts blowing through. A a couple of soft corn tortillas on side and I'm perking just fine.

c-90 said...

My mother used to make, back in the day,the entire beef stew in a pressure cooker.

Brown the stew beef cut in chunks to preference in the pressure cooker with the top off and the inside metal support out, till brown. the the met is poured out, and the riser returned to the cooker, the meat returned with juices. Add cubed to preference potatoes, carrots, celery ( including the leafy bits ) and any other veggies to suit, a can of beef mushroom gravy, and cook with the lid on for iirc 15-20 min after the steam pressurized the pot. There's enough liquids in the meat and veggies to make a tin broth, so you could possibly add flour and cook to thicken. Serve with boc and buttered bread.