Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate: Round Two, Part One

     Tam watched the debate on her computer last night.  We don't have cable and whattaya know, the party that tells me they're there for the poor and downtrodden somehow managed to get their debate on a stream that's not distributed for free over the air.

     Mostly it was more of the same.

     Beto O'Rouke increasingly looks like the straight, toned-down "Pat Boone" cover of military veteran Pete Buttigieg.  I guess Beto's the man-of-choice for Democrats who wouldn't have one of -- delicate shudder -- "them" in the Oval office, and I don't mean Navy men.

     Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are just more and more themselves, or perhaps affectionate caricatures of themselves, and appeared to me to be the very worst about observing time limits.

     The rest of the candidates were, well, the rest, with the exception of Tim Ryan of Ohio, who stood out at the beginning as the only candidate who didn't put a hand over their heart for the national anthem.  What the heck, Congressman?  You're up there standing next your peers-in-running, some of them harshly critical of this country's government and even culture, but they all managed to do the respectful thing.  Why didn't you?

     Tonight is part two, with frontrunner Joe Biden, and I suppose Tam will want to follow that one, too.  So far, I'm not seeing any reason to not do what I usually do, vote for the Libertarian Presidential candidate in 2020.  We've tried having Presidents who are disliked by roughly half of Congress, let's go for someone they'll all loathe!


JayNola said...

The thought of a 3rd party president in the White House during the current political climate made me laugh so much my sternum aches. My God the amount of hijinks that would ensue. Thanks Ms. Eck's. 😃

rickn8or said...

If one candidate didn't do the hand-over-the heart during the anthem last night, then I fully expect at least one will take a knee tonight.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the LP candidate, assuming they can get someone who has actually read the party platform this time. In 2016, Gary J. couldn't stop saying "more government", and he recruited an anti-gun running mate.