Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Parody Of A Farce Of A Farrago Of A Travesty, Possibly On Ice

     Words fail me.  Eleven and one-half hours of work yesterday, for which the project had to show....a relocated hoist block.  And a hoist cable drooped so low across the private drive that it's a safety hazard, and I had to set out portable bollards.

     To be fair, the relocation is a miserable job for an experienced crew, moving heavy pieces and parts from 300 feet above ground to 900 feet, up the outside of a tower, while hauling along the free end of a heavy rope which gets heavier with every foot you climb.  It's half a normal day's work if there's nothing for it to snag on -- and we've got plenty.

     It is not, however, as much work as it was made to be.  Snarls in the winch cable, argument over rigging, so on and so forth.  Not a bit of the actual work all this is in aid of actually happened today.

     At this point, I consider it a good day if the same number of people drive away at the end of the day as drove in at the beginning.

     I wonder if Sisyphus was getting paid by the hour?


rickn8or said...

Frustrating, sure.

But did you have to pre-flight the Flying Monkeys?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

On days like that I console myself that my company pays me a lot of money to sometimes just sit around for them, or do grunt work a monkey could do. It takes the sharp edge off of the stabbing futility of it all.

Am I overpaid? No.

Am I overpaid to so the whole sit around and wait thing? Oh yes.

Roberta X said...

Unfortunately, I am paid to produce results. My department is staggeringly short-staffed, it's never going to improve, and I am three deep in projects at the Main Campus, none of which I can do while I am up here.

I've also got two weeks of vacation left this year -- and if I don't use it, I will lose it. In both sense of the phrase.

rickn8or said...

"Am I overpaid to so the whole sit around and wait thing? Oh yes."

I submit over the long haul, it averages out.