Friday, January 24, 2020

Another Week

     And plenty of rain.  We've been fortunate this winter; had it been cold enough for our spells of rain to have been snow instead, it would have been pretty deep by now.  There have been a few bad winters in my life, and I'm not a fan.
*  *  *
     I wasn't a fan of the can of blackeyed peas I opened up last night, either.  They were....dry.  Something had gone wrong.  When I discovered this, I was a half-dozen green onions, half a bell pepper, half of a leftover cooked pork roast and a can of diced tomatoes into cooking a dish of Hoppin' John.  This made it a little vexing, and I may have uttered a few words one really should not say.

     At Roseholme Cottage, we keep canned beans on the shelf as part of the rotating stock of staples and while I would have preferred blackeyed peas (possibly my favorite bean), black beans made a fine dish, served over rice with some hot sauce, just thing for a rainy, chilly evening.  The dish is flexible, though Wikipedia tells me that using black beans makes it "Hoppin Juan!"  Good by whatever name; like oxtail stew or colcannon, this is another of those combinations that shows up all over, under different names, and everyone claims it for their own.  They're all probably right.

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pigpen51 said...

Here in West Michigan,we have had a mild winter so far, also. The prediction for the next week plus is more of the same. Mid 30's,occasional rain/snow mix, but not too bad.
I am not in love with winter, now that I am pushing 60 really hard, unlike when I was a kid and could spend hours outside, playing in the snow, or riding snowmobiles,etc. Plus, it does seem like back in the 70's, we had much more snow and for longer, than we do now.
Stay safe on the roads, when they are ice covered, and try to stay healthy. It always seems worse to be sick in bad weather.