Sunday, January 26, 2020

Busy Day

    Late to post.  This morning, I looked around and realized the kitchen was approaching -- if not past -- the Quentin Crisp limit.

     No, that does not mean it really, really liked other kitchens.  Crisp was infamously averse to housework, and notably remarked, "After the first four years, it doesn't get any worse."

     There were corners of the kitchen that were fixing to prove him wrong.  It had to be set right.  I had chamomile tea from 2015 at the bottom of the stack!

     Still a lot to do, but matters are much improved.


RandyGC said...

I hear you. One of my projects when I went out on permanent disability was to start cleaning up around the place while CINCHOUSE was working during the day and I won't be in her way.

Of course the reason I'm on disability makes little things like sweeping/mopping and cleaning and reorganizing cabinets a painful event.

So, a little at a time (as I'll mop this corner today. There are 4 other days in the work week to do the other corners and the center)

rickn8or said...

""After the first four years, it doesn't get any worse.""

I have a new guiding motto.

RandyGC, same-same here except no CINCHOUSE to deal with.