Monday, August 10, 2020

The Ways Of The Wu

      A Wu moves water
      It's a thing that they do.
      It's an essential part
      Of being a Wu.

      I have a small, green bowl of water on the floor in the kitchen, in front of the cabinet to the right of the stove. It's right inside the door from the dining room. There's just enough room to park it out of the way. It's a supplement to the large cat water fountain in the office.

      Holden Wu, our very large young tomcat, will carefully move it out until it is barely inside the doorway, just far enough that an incautious foot can catch it. He moves the water fountain around, too.

      His predecessor, Rannie Wu (no relation), was also a water-mover.

      My yellow tomcat, Huck (also very large), is not interested in relocating water dishes. It seems to be a Wu thing.



Paul said...

At one point we had two cats. One was a yellow tiger and the other was a calico. The yellow tiger would walk along counters swatting glasses of water or juice on to the floor

She was also the one that attacked the bird cage at two in the am. When it came time to thin the herd the yellow tiger went to a new home

For my money short hair calicoes seem to have the fewest quirks of any cat type


Carteach said...

Our alpha cat also moves the water dispenser, and the food dispenser.

The 1/4 scale Maine coon just jumps in the water, moving the water but leaving the dispenser.

Catholes, each and all of ours.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

The Wu Tang Cat is not something to be trifled with.

Robert said...

As soon as the weather turned warm-ish, our part-Maine coon (RIP, Shadow) would follow me around complaining incessantly until I filled the almost-full water bowl with ice cubes. He would immediately shut up and take a slurp. Just one or two. Thank dawg he didn't insist on those little drink umbrellas, too.

Will said...

It appears that the Wu may have been practicing feng shui for cats. Wind-water? Close enough!