Saturday, October 13, 2012

New York City Gandersauce!

Oh, yum:  Remember NYC's ban on supersized sugary drinks?  Beverage manufacturers are suing them over it!

     H'mm, wasn't Mayor Bloomberg all in favor of suing firearms manufacturers when choirboys* in the Big Apple misused their products?  How's it feel when the glove is on the other foot?

     Me, I think mebbe we otta all put down the fast-food feedbag and back slowly away -- but I want to convince you to do it of your own free will, not hector businesses with the threat of arrest looming because some salt-crazed Mayor has got his bloomers in a twist.
* All youthful criminals, no matter who they are, come equipped with some relative or neighbor to tell the TV cameras what a good child they'd been, right up until yesterday.  Once -- just once -- I want to see some grizzled old grandmother look straight into the the camera and say, "That kid was no darned good.  We all knew he was going to get into serious trouble sooner or later."  But no, every last one sang to little old ladies and helped the choir across the street and always ate their galoshes when it rained spinach.  I'd wonder if it was fluoride (oh, Mr. Kuuuuuu-brick!) but you know some percentage of young adult offenders drink nothing but well water.  --Makes me wonder where the "He was such a good boy" adults were back when it could've made a difference.


Larry said...

And the flip side to that is you otta be able to put yourself into a salt induced heart attack as long as you aren't looking in my wallet to pay the doctor bills.

This self-sufficiency thing sure is hard...

Ken O said...

Grrrr, health Nazis. I have a medical condition that causes chronic low sodium; every time the doc runs my blood, he tells me to eat more salt. Bloomberg types routinely interrupt "Wednesday night date night" with my wife to confront me about the ills of my salt consumption.
I hope the verdict of these suits costs the city enough money that the voters get rid of him.

Dave H said...

Ken O: I share your hope, but the mayor will most likely be out of office by the time they come to trial.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be pedantic (it's one of the only things I'm good at) but:

Salt doesn't give you, or even increase your risk of a heart attack (check the actual data as opposed to what some health nazi claims). If you eat too much salt (excepting some rare medical conditions), guess what? You're body says 'Nah, we don't need that' and you excrete it. End of story.

Here in the UK there's been a pogrom on salt (in fast food, prepared and even school meals, etc.). The result? A massive increase in the numbers of (usually older people) who religiously follow the guidelines, and then get admitted to A&E with salt depletion symptoms.

Same with fatty foods. I like my occasional burger, pizza, fizzy drink (I'd rather a Glenmorangie or a pint of Speckled Hen but for some reason my employer frowns on me smelling like a brewery???). I don't eat twelve a day, nothing else or forget to do some exercise. The result? My weight is within statistical norms (svelte, athletic, perfectly formed - that's what I see when I look in the mirror - then I switch the light on and put my glasses on :-( ).

This, as with most 'health' recommendations/legislation has more to do with money/power/control. Look to the idiotic 'plain packaging' legislation on cigarettes they're trying to foist on us here. They're already lining up to do the same to alcohol and fatty foods.

Restricting plate size and cruet sets - coming to a restaurant near you soon!

Just Sayin'

Roberta X said...

Mayor Bloomberg -- who plays the Health Nazi over salt, too -- has been observed applying salt to saltines. Q.E.D.