Friday, December 20, 2013

Goodbye, Target?

     When a store manages to get the credit-card details of some forty million customers stolen and has so far only said, "Ooops!" about it and "they're pretty sure they have plugged the leak," it doesn't bode well for their future.

     This saddens me; I like Target, which has generally offered slightly better quality* and a lot more style than the usual overgrown modern five-and-dime.  But I'm one of the forty million, waiting for the other shoe to drop and wondering what I ought to do next.  If I do go back, I'll pay in cash.
* Though darned if I can find decent, long-lasting knee socks anywhere these days.  And it's not even worth the effort to actually darn them.


Laura said...

have you tried Smartwool socks?

Joe in Reno said...

if you want wool ones I understand Smartwool makes some high quality socks in all lengths/sizes.

Gewehr98 said...

Makes you wonder who is the next Target of these credit card hackers. Walmart? Home Depot? Menards? Costco?

Cash-only sales are starting to look better and better.

LabRat said...

Though darned if I can find decent, long-lasting knee socks anywhere these days. And it's not even worth the effort to actually darn them.

I'll ask around at practice tonight; rollergirls are kind of the last bastion of knee-sock consumers outside of cosplayers in the modern Western world, and they're a lot rougher on their outfits.

Places I have bought knee-high socks, leggings, or tights:

Bruised Boutique:



Anonymous said...

Don't wait for the shoe to drop. Cancel/replace your cards. (It takes the average bank 4 days, so it should be in the mail after the holiday.)

I had a similar oops through Amazon a few years back, and while Amazon detected the problem, and my bank got everything straightened out it to more than 2 weeks and MANY hours on the phone - listening to the same set of questions before you actually get to talk to the fraud department.

I canceled the card I used at Target, cashed a check for enough to get me by for a few days. I should get the new card on Thursday. And I have been back to Target, I just paid with cash. (Gewher98 - you are right. I think cash is the way to go.)

Dave in Indiana said...

RX - you could be proactive by contacting your card company and ask them to cancel the current card and send a new one, explain your reasoning to them. They're usually pretty receptive to doing that since it potentially saves them expenses too.

Roberta X said...

I talked to 'em and their fraud coverage is pretty good. On their advice, I'll be monitoring the account for now rather than outright canceling.

Dave in Indiana said...

I bet since you called them and expressed your concern they've flagged your account as one that might have been compromised and put it on a heightened surveillance for unusual purchases, even like those at "Abdul's opium den" in Karachi...don't ask how I know about the place. It never hurts to call them in this situation, even just for reassurance that they've got measures in place for your protection

Mark Alger said...

Talk about darning with faint praise!


chuck w said...

If you want calf-length soft socks that stay up, I recommend: