Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Indiana State Museum

     Indiana has had a State Museum for a long time now.  It spent a long time housed -- somewhat awkwardly -- in the old City Hall (after the city government had gone Unigov and slunk off down the block and across Market Street to roost in the City-County Building) until getting a bespoke building along White River State Park, wedged in between the Eiteljorg and NCAA's  Hall of Champions.  Like many such museums, it's a great mess of natural history, cultural history, political history,  archeology and art, fussed into coherence by a dedicated band of curators.  They run a nice Imax theatre, too, one of the first in the city.

     The Data Viking visited yesterday and he and Tam and I spent half the day or more in the museum:

Mind Control!

People used to paint caves after nightmares like this, you know.

"I for one--" No.  No, I do not welcome our armored-squid overlords.  Oh hells no.

This kitty would fit right in at my house -- especially if it brought enough wild hog to share.

Surprisingly, this was not made the State motto.
Used to be in my boss's boss's boss's office. Unsurprisingly, he was Don Burton.

Fuzzy image but it turns out one of my friends used to use this mike at work -- not one like it, this one.
     An interesting time was had by all, including a couple of (45-minute) documentaries in the Imax

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Old NFO said...

Interesting when you 'see' those pieces in the museum isn't it... :-)