Monday, January 11, 2016

Found A Message In A Bottle

     Opened it up and it said:

     Introducing Windows 10
               More than 110M people
               have already upgraded
               to Windows 10 - FREE!
     Don't miss out!
     Schedule your free upgrade!

     I left the cork out and thew it as far out into the water as I could.*
* I tried upgrading Roseholme's "Brainbox."  It's not Win10 compatible -- and yet the popups persist.  They're the new universal caption for New Yorker cartoons!


Anonymous said...

GWX Control panel. Works like a charm. Pop Ups disappear and you still have the option of turning them back on as I understand it. Just don't understand why anyone would want to turn them back on.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Another vote for the GWX control panel.

I have one Windows 10 machine (the shack machine, because I was having issues with Windows 7 that I thought might go away if I upgraded...not so much...and will probably rebuild that one as a Win7 box eventually).

Everything else in the house is Windows 7 and has GWX installed. No more nagging!

RHT447 said...

+ another one for GWX. Also allows you to turn on
real time monitoring for any future attempts to
re-install get Win 10.

Eck! said...

I took the other path... When win-NT4 expired I finally had enough
and went Linux. I had by then gotten tired of software that didn't
work on the yet newest version and had to be replaced often at cost.

Win10... Foo!


Anonymous said...

Meant to mention in my first post that Windows 10 pop ups are like Øbama -- one makes you want to buy guns and the other makes me want to buy Apple next time.

Old NFO said...

+ number whatever on GWX! :-)