Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Just A Little Touch Of Snow

     Still falling.
      Personally, I blame the mind-controlled yeti zombies.  YMMV.  Turn up those Bowie tunes, willya?  I think I can still hear the snowfall.

     More snow, and one less odd-eyed cat.  Sigh.


Jerry said...

I still enjoy the first snowfall but all bets are off after number 10.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

A little touch of Frosty in the night.

Tom McCord said...


I can't leave a comment for Tam on her blog now so perhaps you could pass this on. Did that older lady that couldn't handle the p250 in 380acp try a LCR in .22?

I assume that if she could handle the trigger of the p250 she could handle the trigger of the LCR and she might be able to handle something like CCI 40gr mini mags.

Merle Morrison said...

So what happened to the odf eyed cat?


Roberta X said...

Merle: here you go.

Roberta X said...

Tom: I don't know, haven't heard any updates. Tam had to turn off comments for everyone quite some time ago.