Monday, January 04, 2016


     Yes, it is, and there's a whole 2016 out there, with Presidential addresses, primaries and then elections.

     I'm still not impressed.  A commenter praised their primary pick as being the best of a bad lot, and clearly felt that was sufficient.  When it comes to politicians, we're like famine victims picking over last year's potatoes, trying to find one with the least amount of rot and delighted when we do.  "Hardly any bad spots at all!"  That's not a good trend; eventually you're eating shoe leather -- or voting in the least-bad despot.  As Rome went, so are we.  Try, at least, to not cheer as it happens.  There's no eating around the bad spots in government.

     Would it help if I moped around the house all day, complaining?  

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Anonymous said...

I've been making the same Rome references to my other half for years now. Still doesn't make me feel any better hearing it from others.