Friday, June 09, 2017

About My Blogroll

     See, here's the thing: I dislike change. At some mule-stubborn, foolish level, I kind of feel as if I can resist it by keeping the things I can control from changing too much or too fast. 

     If you're a Discworld reader (and kept up with the books), you'll know what I mean when I say retaining their old links kept Frank W. James* and Jeffro "alive in the clacks" long after they had passed on.  There are other bloggers who seem to have stopped blogging but are still around, and I hope they start up again some time.  So those links remain, too.

     And some remain simply from inertia.  I dislike change.

     If you don't like this, remember you don't need to use my blogroll.  It's mostly there for my convenience.
* Sadly, his last blog was hacked into and became a dangerous place to visit, so I eventually had to drop the link.



fillyjonk said...

I'm always slightly surprised at how free people feel to tell bloggers what kind of cheese and crackers to have on the plate they are serving in their virtual "living room." Or to complain that the drinks aren't refreshed quite fast enough. Or whatever.

Guffaw in AZ said...

So as you wish. It's YOUR blog.

ALWAYS great to see you.


Paul Schwa said...

I understand! And thanks for being there.

Jennifer said...

Yep, just scrolled to make sure I'm in there...
I'm also terrible at keeping a blogroll up to date, but I made a special trip and discovered, to my dismay, that you were not listed in mine. A short-coming which I quickly rectified.

Douglas2 said...

I've a few times sent notes to bloggers with " hey, these links on your blogroll are out of date, and here are the ones of those that have corresponding current links that don't 404"

It's work to maintain a blogroll, and I make lots of use of them. It bugs me a little to be at Coyote and see the link for Marginal Revolution in the side bar and click though only to be told

"Forbidden - You don't have permission to access /marginalrevolution/ on this server."

because one instance of the link is to the nonexistant "" rather then just, or to click on links for McArdle taking me to the Atlantic, Surbur taking me to the WV Daily Mail, Kaus taking me to Slate or the Daily Caller, etc.

If my "complaint" can be of use to an author in efficiently cleaning up the blogroll so that links to to the current location of a blog, that's great, and if they chose not to do so, that is great too -- I'm not asking anything of them, merely trying to be helpful if I can.

Bruce said...

Since you brought it up, Home on the Range quit or went private. Any idea why?

pigpen51 said...

I think that Home on the Range was an issue of harassment from someone or another. Not sure, but I think so. There are several bloggers from the past I do miss, but I understand how much work it is for people, and I for one use the links to discover new voices that are out there. And yes, it is your house, your rules.

Old NFO said...

Frank and Jeffro are missed to this day.

Drang said...

Miss Frank and Jeffro, too.

I keep looking at my sidebar and thinking I should clean it up, and putting it off. Then again, as low traffic and obscure as my blog is, what's the point?

Roberta X said...

None of us run to much traffic any more, D.W.

As for Home On The Range, I don't know for sure; any time a female blogger goes dark, "stalker" is a reasonable guess.

Tokarev said...

You decorate your place any ol way you want to. An iffin folks don't like it, then they can just be on their way.

I find myself checking in on Franks place every week or so just to look around and make sure everything is still in it's place and to read some. Thanks to you and Tam for keeping up the links.

Glenn Kelley said...

Home on the Range has kind of morphed into 2 other blogs . They're not hard to find, there were links on the old site .