Friday, June 16, 2017

Got Nothing, Really

     Be nice to one another today, okay?  Just try it for one day.  Shucks, I don't think I will even yell at anyone in traffic today.  Or at least I will try not to.

     ETA: Well, I got about five blocks before breaking that resolution.


Drang said...

I'll try. I'll just sit here drinking coffee until it's time to open a bottle of vino to go with the spaghetti Mrs. Drang's fixing for dinner.

Of course, not yelling at anyone would probably entail my putting off starting Shattered, about just how bad a campaign the Democratic candidate ran in 2016, until tomorrow, but I have a few weeks before it has to go back to the library, so...

rickn8or said...

I'm sure the other person deserved the shouting.