Friday, August 11, 2017

Um, No

     I was off today, but my sinuses are so painful that I'm going back to bed.


Will said...

I had sinus problems for many years. Mostly on one side of my face. Infections at least once a year. Cracked an upper molar with a hard candy, yet no pain developed. Out of town at the time. Eventually, pieces of the tooth came out, but still needed to have my dentist remove the rest of it. He confirmed the tooth had died an unknown age prior. Tough time getting the roots out, and he thought they might have grown into the sinus cavity, judging from their length. X-ray couldn't confirm it, but a sneeze a day or so later blew out the socket plug, showing a passage existed.

Much less sinus drama since. Hay fever type allergies seem less intense, for instance. Dentist thought the tooth didn't have to be dead to cause my sinus problems, just having that direct access along the root surface would suffice. He didn't think this was a common problem, but had no data for reference.

Roberta X said...

Long story short: I have no teeth in my upper jaw on the side with the problems. Have had multiple surgeries, etc. These days I just take OTC pills and hope to get through it, as medical intervention didn't help much.