Saturday, September 23, 2017

Okay, I'll Level--

     I have not been well this past week.  Had a flu shot last Friday (and they usually zap me for a couple of days), had some nasty dental work Monday, I've been fretted over my Mom and related issues since getting crosswise with my big sister a couple of weeks ago* and maybe it's just the combination of all that.  Maybe I'm feeling old.  Next Spring, I'll turn 60 and I'm not ready for it.  (Maybe I'll start over at 50 instead.)

     But I haven't been 100% and neither has the blog.  Sleeping most of the time, not eating much, getting nothing done.  I'm not happy with this.

     Time for more vitamins and coffee.  Might not be a long-term fix but sometimes you need to use a cane for awhile before you start walking without one again.
* Something the two of us are very good at.  It's easy for each of us to blame the other but I suspect it's the combination.  We react like vinegar and baking soda, two harmlessly inert household substances that foam and fume when combined.  Alas, we don't neutralize one another in the process but remain as base and acid as before.


Countglockula said...

This is a very common issue. Even though I'm an old cod, both my parents are still around, in their mid-nineties, and we are all like oil and vinegar; can mix briefly but separate soon after.

Though both of them are a royal pain in the ass, I still love them both deeply, just can't stand being around them.
Hopefully your Mom will get better, and you and Sis will have a cease-fire.

Hang in there Bobbi - thought I would croak when I turned sixty, but I wish I was that youthful again!


Anonymous said...

Vitamins & coffee works for me! (And NO fast food ever!!)

Paul Schwa said...

Hey, WE like you!

Unknown said...

I feel your inner frustration and only wish you well in moving forward.I will turn 62 next year. All I can say is bring it. I am still out thinking and out working people 30 years younger. All of that is tempered with the knowledge that no one is promised today better be good. Recently lost a dear friend, colleague, former business partner and adopted family member. That hit me hard. I sort of expected us all to be around to ripe old ages. It has given me renewed incentive to never give up, and only slow down as needed.

My Best To You. You are a valued internet friend and knowledgeable, sensible voice in a world slightly out of kilter. We need more like you!

Merle said...

hang in there - your Mother needs you!


Monty James said...

Maybe you and your sister are more like fissile material; the trick is to not let you reach critical mass.

That was meant to be funny. Prayers for your Mom, and I hope you feel better no matter what. The free ice cream is much appreciated.

waepnedmann said...

It never ceases to amaze me how two people once confined in the same womb, fed the same food, raised in the same home, nurtured by the same parents, inculcated by the same societal institutions can turn out so utterly different in almost every facet of their lives.

rickn8or said...

Do what you have to do to take care of business, your loyal minions will understand. Know the "meh" feeling; I''m looking at 65 this coming winter.

Paul said...

62 myself. And can understand getting cross-ways with siblings. They can be a trail.

Wife is after me to get a flu shot so I suppose I will have to submit.

Joseph said...

Instead of 59, maybe you could claim to be 15 Celsius.

Jerry said...

I borrowed a line from one of my favorite movies. When I turned 60, I became a sexagenarian. My 60s have been great fun.

We'll have the three of you in our thoughts and prayers.

Cincinnatus said...

I thought this last week sucked a lot. Happy to see it gone.

Tokarev said...

I just turned 58 myself. Fortunately I don't have any health issues other than a few pounds that I shouldn't have on me.I hope your mother is better. They are a precious resource that can never be replaced. I miss mine always. I dearly hope that she leads a long and happy life. As for the siblings, (heavy sigh) I feel your pain. I have one sister in hospice for maybe 2 to 3 weeks more. A big brother that has lived or 20 years more than any doctor said he should have, but is in the hospital now with between 20% and 30% heart capacity that I had to help dress today. Another sister that won't communicate with us unless she can get something from us ( and I therefore have nothing to do with) and one more sister that I will surprised if she lives another year without either going into a home or a grave. Fortunately, I have a very loving wife who tries her best to keep everything and everybody together and that I truly and deeply love. She is my life.

I really do hope and pray that you feel better. That your sister and you can tolerate each other a bit more and that life will be happy for you.