Monday, October 09, 2017

Breakfast Steak

     It's self-indulgent to take a nice, two-inch thick filet mignon and cut it into two thinner breakfast steaks, but it certainly is good!

     Slow-cooked, mostly covered, with fresh mushrooms and served with cherry tomatoes and a fried egg, it's very nearly (I left out the potatoes and bacon) a "full Bobbi breakfast," which is similar to a Full English Breakfast, only not exactly.


John said...

Ahhh. That would be awesome.
My breakfast of imitation egg whites from a carton, and a turkey hot dog pretending to be a sausage was orders of magnitude lower than yours.
At least the 1/4 of a Belgian waffle was the real deal.

rickn8or said...

Nothing wrong with being self-indulgent every once in a while.

pigpen51 said...

Self indulgent, perhaps. But a pretty great idea of a use for a steak like that. High protein to kick start your day, Christopher Columbus would surely approve.