Saturday, October 21, 2017


     My back hurts (kidney stones).  My head hurts.  I had big plans but I'm going back to bed.

     --I have figured out that "classic" Far Edge starships (1950 through 1980 or so) look like a cross between submarines and Rocky Jones spaceships on the inside.


Antibubba said...

You've written more stories since your book was published. Will you be doing a revision at some point, maybe with a Kindle version?

John said...

I remember watching Rock Jones reruns, and because of those reruns I remember going to the actual paper dictionary to look up the meaning of the word, suzerain.
And all these years later that is the only time I have ever heard the word suzerain and I have never ever used it until today.
I wonder how many other memories are dormant and just waiting for their wake up call.

Roberta X said...

Antibubba, that's the plan. I have got one novel or novelette in the works (set around the time of the Kennedy assassination, though light-years away) and I need to resolve the story arc that takes place on the planet "Frothup."

The latter is difficult, as three of my character models have died (one after retiring), another left abruptly, two have retired and one was transferred. In most cases, I used only the broadest outline of their personalities, often mixed with other traits, but one was a pretty good friend and I find it very hard to have his Far Edge semi-twin still walking around and saying lines he might have said.

John, Rocky Jones had at least two suzerains! Heaven knows it is pulpy and clumsy, but you can see the beginnings of Star Trek and Star Wars in it if you look closely.