Friday, December 29, 2017

So This Is Sinus Surgery?

     I'm continuing to heal and, with the ENT's approval, returned to work yesterday.  Got home and needed to rinse my sinuses, which produced--

     There's no need to describe it.  Do you remember episodes of The X-Files featuring "black oil," which was loaded up with a horrible alien virus?  That.  That is what came out my nose.

     To make matters worse, I woke up about 4:30 this morning with congested sinuses and got more of the same, then did another saline rinse and got OH MERCIFUL HEAVENS, WHAT IS THAT?  But it was only more (oh, so much more) of the same.

     I am, however, breathing much better now.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Both the breathing better AND the Alien thing.

Old NFO said...

Ah yes, there WILL be more to come, trust me. And when your sinuses FINALLY clear, it will be a wondrous thing! I'm still using the rinse, now 9 months later, and knock on wood, no cold/flu so far!!!

Raz Raxxaffian said...

Good thing Scully and Mulder are back in business. Just in time to help you out.

Just think, the first storyline could be 'The Black Oil Caverns of X'!

Hang in there Bobbi, all downhill from here.


Paul said...

It is amazing what you can find coming out of the body.

Roberta X, remotely. said...

Semi-coagulated blood and sinus mucus has a lot of surface tension. Result: it is amazing what you can find curling up and headed *back* *into* the body, which is what the largest mass tried to do. I...umm, well, I panicked. However, I did eventually triumph.

John said...

I remember this fifties horror movie called X The Unknown.
It is set in the Scotland highlands and a black radioactive mass comes up from a fissure in search of radiation.
You may want to dust off your Geiger-Mueller device and do some checking.
We think the film has held up and is worth watching.
Take care.