Saturday, December 09, 2017

Umami Soup

     Last night's dinner:
     Oxtail and beef shank. Leeks, turnip, mushrooms, carrot, celery, four small fresh tomatoes, and the stock is from last night, when I made cube steak with some "fajita mix" (onion and bell peppers),fresh mushrooms, canned mild chili peppers and diced tomato, and beef stock. That left plenty of stock and vegetables, which I added to the soup after the meat was cooked and vegetables were sauteed and I'd deglazed the pan with a dash of water added to what had cooked out of the ingredients. It's wonderfully rich -- the shank had a nice, big bone full of marrow and the oxtail adds all kinds of wonderfulness as it cooks down.


Old NFO said...

Looks and sounds delicious!

Raz Raxxaffian said...

Looks delicious and and is a tribute to sensible food recycling.

Here we use similar tactics, getting multiple uses from a basic meat-vegetable leftovers. In cost-saving times we begin with a can of decent soup from the store, then fortify it with leftover veggies, meats, or other goodies from the pantry. This provides additional meals from items that would otherwise be discarded, or are otherwise insufficient to be used by themselves. As basic resources, we keep cans of beef and chicken broth, mushroom soup, and an abundance of pasta. These items can be used to extend or create many flavorful dishes at minimal expense.

I enjoy your creative cookery had have shamelessly copied several of your recipes for my personal cookbook.

You rock!