Tuesday, February 13, 2018

It Wasn't.

     They guessed wrong.  The tower guy started up one of of my employer's towers in a nice sunny downtown location, got about thirty feet up, said "Whups!" and became very meticulous about maintaining two points of attachment as he climbed higher.  Ten feet on, he shook his head and called down, "There's ice on every horizontal surface!"

     That was it for tower work yesterday.  I had plenty else to do.


Jeff said...

That ice is being stubborn even at ground level!

Unknown said...

Poor you. The only ice problem here (Hawaii) is keeping enough in my drink.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I have marked timber when there was a heavy coat of ice on everything, and I hurt for days from the muscle strain, plus a few bruises. That stuff ain't meant for climbing!

Sendarius said...

I have enough trouble just stepping from the roof to the ladder to climb down.

The heights that these guys handle with such aplomb would have me a gibbering wreck.

Kudos to them, and to knowing when to say "not today".