Thursday, February 22, 2018

Saw Mom Yesterday

     She's in better spirits.  She...flickers: she knows you for awhile, and then not so much, and then she remembers again.  But she's happy, not scared or sad.  And they're keeping an eye on her blood chemistry and adjusting her medications accordingly.

     The situation isn't great but it's about as good as it could be, in light of her age and health.  Mom grew up during the Great Depression and WW II, at the very tail end of what's been called the "Greatest Generation," people who not only endured by persisted and triumphed.  But no one wins their last battle; the best any of us can hope for it to enter it unafraid.


Merle said...

Sometimes the best you can hope for is a painless ending. :(


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I get aggravated every time I hear one of those reports about someone passing peacefully with all the family gathered around. It is not a pleasant or wonderful process. Our sympathies to you and your mother, and of course, prayers. You are a good kid, Roberta!

Paul said...

well, peace has to be worth something. Rage at the end will not change things.

You are a good daughter. I have two and I hope they visit me at the end.

Don Travis Berry said...

My parents, both gone now, were of the "Greatest Generation." I believe Mr. Brokaw got that name right. They were tough. They went through the Great Depression, won World War II when most of them were far too young for such a thing, then came back home, got to work, and built this country back up. I'm not saying things were perfect. We had some things to work out, racism for one. But all my parents ever asked for was a fair chance. Give them that, and they would do the rest. That generation is rapidly leaving us, and it breaks my heart.

Prayers for your dear mother. My mother was close at death's door many times, then would rally and do well for a good while. It seems you win all those fights until you lose the last one. Prayers that this is not your mother's last fight.