Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Car Shopping

     With the old Lexus totalled, I'm looking for another RX300 or one of the newer models and somewhat constrained by a lack of funds.  There will be plenty when the insurance comes through, but that will take awhile and until then, it's cash on hand, which would just about buy me another high-mileage 2000 RX300 and leave nothing for groceries.

     Some people are not a fan of Lexus.  The tow-truck guy had lots of complaints about, "Those darned Japanese imports."  Well....  He's not wrong; Toyota's certainly a Japanese company and the RX300 (etc.) isn't made in the United States.  But he's not that right, either: they're built in Ontario and only a quarter of the parts come from Japan.

     Still looking. 


JayNola said...
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JayNola said...

Durn Canadians!! With their beady little eyes and their floppy heads!!! Taken our yobs!!!
My sil bought a slightly more recent incarnation of that model and it's a really nice bit of auto.
Hope your hunting goes well.

Carteach said...

Finding a guy bashing 'Dem Imports' is almost as rare today as finding a working payphone.

May I suggest returning to the dealer you nought this last one from? If you were happy with them, that is.

B said...

THe insurance should cover a rental until the car is paid off and title transferred.

Insist on it.

Roberta X said...

B, the insurance covers the rental through next Monday.

pigpen51 said...

It is near impossible to find any car entirely made in the USA today. Most are at least partially assembled or made with parts from other countries, with Mexico and Canada being the two that are our largest suppliers. That doesn't mean much anymore, with the World Being Flat, according to Tom Freidman.
It is much more patriotic of an American to buy the best product they can, at the best price they can. The myth of buying American to help our workers is unlikely to truly help anyone except for shareholders in the individual auto companies.
Best of luck in your search, and in your dealings with your insurance company.