Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Look Out Below!

     When I got home from work Monday, I found this:
      A big branch, one I had noticed was dead and was planning to call our tree guy to remove, had fallen off and landed partially on the garage roof.  Plenty tired, I rolled it off and figured I could clean off whatever else was up there on the 4th.

     When I was leaving for work Tuesday, I looked back at the garage before closing the overhead door -- and there was a nice, bright patch of sunlight just to one side of the person-door!  Yes, a stubby limb of the branch (or is it the other way around?) had punched through the roof, shingles, roofing felt, surprisingly-thin OSB and all.

     It took ninety minutes (and a call to my boss) before I had a tarp over the hole.  It's got to cross the roof peak, or it's useless to keep the rain out.  That took a lot of tarp, six concrete half-blocks (up a ladder.  With a bad knee.  There's a trick to it), a long piece of rope and improvised ground anchors. 
     Afterward, I was soaked to the skin; while doing the work, I was perspiring so heavily I had to get Tam to bring out a roll of paper toweling: there was so much sweat in my left eye that I couldn't keep it open long enough to navigate and the right one was almost as bad.  That convinced me to put my hat on before continuing.  It took a good half-hour to get cleaned up and dried off; nothing I'd been wearing was dry enough for work.

     Work went well enough but once home, I fell asleep on the couch after a microwaved dinner.  Barely got awake enough to unfold the futon and put on my nightgown and enjoyed seven blissful hours of slumber before Huck realized it was 0600 and he was going to starve to death unless he was fed immediately.


JPD said...

HAH! Now the truth comes out. HUCK ABUSE!! Yes, making excuses while you starve that poor, helpless animal. Any good pet owner would have been up at 4 AM, waiting for the cat to wake up so you could serve a fresh breakfast.

Tom McCord said...

Dear Miss X. I have recently heard of stem cell treatments for arthritis of the knees. Here is a link I found:

I have no idea if this would do you any good or not but as someone who has some arthritis in my knees myself I would look into it if I though I might need kneed replacement.

Roberta X said...

Tom, I have damaged cartilage from a motor scooter accident that broke my thighbone -- a spiral split -- from the knee joint up. It can be treated (and I'll sure ask!) but the damage is permanent.

Tom McCord said...

Miss Roberta

Listen to this episode of the Dan Bongino show. In it he tells about his experience with stem cell treatments for his arthritis. It didn't fix every thing but it did stopped the pain. That is what I hope stem cell treatment can do for you. Stop the pain.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Dang trees are always attempting to kill us: