Monday, July 30, 2018

I Bought A Car

     Saturday, I bought a 2007 Lexus RX350.  It's very similar to the 2000 RX300 I drove for four years.  Dash isn't quite as nice (in my opinion), but it's got all the usual controls and indicators.  And when you shut the car off, the steering wheel moves up and towards the dash, out of your way.

     Interior is in great shape, body and and paint (a kind of white) look good.  Whatever else might be going on -- with 11 years on it, it's got plenty of miles on the odometer -- all of the Lexuses I have driven still had that high-end driving experience; not isolated and wallowing like the big Detroit iron of my youth, but very comfortable and solid-seeming.

     Hoping to run it past the luxy car mechanic Tam uses for her Z3 and have them see what it might need. 


Blackwing1 said...

Congratulations on your new (at least to you) vehicle.

May it bring you many happy driving miles and years!

D.W. Drang said...

Glad to hear your transportation woes have been resolved.
"And when you shut the car off, the steering wheel moves up and towards the dash, out of your way."
That sounds like an utterly indispensable feature I never knew existed before today. At an arthritic 6'1+", that pesky thing is in the way, and I can never remember to flip it up out of the way, not having grown up with cars that had flippable steering wheels.

Here's a question: Why are dash cams (preferably front and back, with GPS) standard safety equipment?

D.W. Drang said...

"Aren't". Darn it.

Mike V said...

My (new to me Infiniti QX50) moves the steering wheel up & forward and moves the seat all the way back. I’m spoiled now.

Mike V said...

And I’m happy for you that you got a new ride!

Cincinnatus said...

We had a RX300 around here for a bit, it was quite a bit long in the tooth in miles. And I don't know if it was the mileage or not, but it was a bit gutless at 6,000 feet. I wonder if the RX350 has more punch.

RandyGC said...

Congratulations on the new ride. Here's to many years of safe and trouble free motoring.

Paul said...

Glad you found something that meets your needs and will give you years of service.

Roberta X said...

Thanks, all!

D. W., the polite steering wheel was a new one on me, too. Given that the car has an electrically-adjustable steering wheel and remembers two sets of seat/wheel positions already, it probably wasn't difficult to add a third memory and activate it when they key is removed -- the innovation was in realizing what a nice feature it would be to add!

Cincinnatus, my RX300 had adequate acceleration here at 600 - 700' AMSL, but it wasn't a car that would set you back in your seat much when you stepped on the gas. The RX350 has a little more zip but it's no stoplight racer. I've never felt like either car didn't have what I needed, and there's no temptation to floorboard the accelerator like the Hyundai Accents I drove, or especially the Suzuki Samurai.