Friday, July 20, 2018

Orwell Called It "Physical Jerks"

     But my physical therapy people are much nicer than that.  Anyway, I'm off early and then maybe I'll look at cars and later, go do something interesting. 

     The downtown visits I have wanted to make -- the Kurt Vonnegut Library and the Ray Bradbury Museum -- have not happened.  Traffic is very heavy downtown and it scares the dickens out of me!  But I've got to get over it.  After the wreck, I managed to take the freeway back to work from the car-rental company, leaving via the same ramp as the person who hit my car.

     Walks much longer than a block wear me out.  It's the bad knee.  I can do it but I end up napping on the couch afterward.


Carteach said...

I went through several VERY helpful knee braces on the run-up to replacement surgery. Available on Amazon at reasonable prices. I'd be happy to share which worked for me.

Paul said...

Good luck on finding your chariot

Roberta X said...

Carteach, we'll talk.