Monday, August 13, 2018

An Unsquare Egg To Start The Day

     Call it Toad-in-the-hole, or Gashouse Eggs, whatever: an egg fried in a hole punched in a slice of buttered bread.  It's good-tasting and quick.  Make it with sliced white bread, and it's a "Square Egg."  Me, I'm not so fond of store-bought white bread; growing up, we had home-made bread* or Roman Meal, and these days, rye or pumpernickel is my choice.  That gives you flattened-oval slices, and it's darned good.

     You can cook the disc of bread you removed, or break the egg yolk, tear up the left-over bread into little pieces, and drop it into the egg.  It's good either way.
* Mom usually made two or more loaves, because fresh-baked bread is a delight that tends to get eaten up as soon as it is cool enough; so you make one for now, and more for later.


Anonymous said...

Grandma used Roman Meal - Always ! Rarely was white bread in her home.

I got used to what bread, mainly Nature's Own. They make a 40 cal. per slice Honey Wheat that my nutritionist has me on. Meh - okay, but nothing to write home about in taste. But allows me more sammitches so there is that.

Hey, did that corn beef hash recipe with extra diced potato. Yum - definitely reduced the taste of salt. I mixed the Hormel 1/2 size can with small potato, two eggs and chowed down. Thanks again.

Carteach said...

I came downstairs this morning to find one of the catholes had knocked the egg carrier off the counter during the night. About fifteen eggs smashed, with rivers of white and yolk across the floor.

Puts a man right off his feed, to be mopping up the kitchen before coffee. Anger kills my appetite.

Roberta X said...

Had the cats feasted, Carteach? They can be self-absorbed.

Anon: glad you enjoyed the hash!

fillyjonk said...

I am spoiled for bread (rarely buy and eat it) because my mom made all the bread we ate when I was growing up - I think she was concerned about vitamins or something?

And yes, I know how to bake bread, and occasionally I do, but having to work for a living (my mom stayed at home when I was a kid) eats into one's time to do such a thing. (And I don't care for the no-knead or refrigerator breads)